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Dedicated Family Law Attorney Supports Bakersfield Clients

Experienced legal advice for family law concerns in Central California

If you’re dealing with marital problems or issues affecting your children, a skilled attorney can assist you in analyzing whether there is an appropriate legal solution. Since 1985, Stephanie Falk Law Firm has successfully represented clients in difficult family law cases. My firm provides an array of legal services to California individuals and families in Kern and Bakersfield counties.

Providing thorough and understanding representation to individuals and families

My skilled legal support is founded on:

  • Knowledge During my more than 30 years in legal practice, I’ve developed an in-depth understanding of California law that I use to advantage in every case.
  • CompassionI am deeply sympathetic to the situations of my clients and approach each case with consideration for their well-being.
  • Hands-on representation My one-on-one approach to working with clients ensures that they receive my full attention and no important concerns are overlooked.

I provide a free initial consultation to answer your questions and to help you feel confident you’ve chosen the best lawyer for your needs.

Bringing decades of legal knowledge to life-changing situations

My practice is entirely in the area of family law, which allows me to focus all of my energies and resources in one direction. I handle such matters as::

  • Divorce — I understand the complexities surrounding divorce and will fight to ensure your rights are upheld in regards to spousal support (alimony) and other areas. If you’re seeking to dissolve your marriage through a simpler and potentially less costly process, I represent clients in settlement negotiations.
  • Child custody — When parents can’t agree on custody arrangements in California, the courts have broad discretion to decide the terms. I represent my clients in forging custody agreements that benefit them and their children.
  • Child support — I’ll answer your questions about paying child support and how to change existing support orders when needed.
  • Legal separation — Sometimes, for financial or other reasons, a legal separation may be a better solution than divorce. I advise clients about filing for legal separation.
  • Adoption — Even though adoption is a positive undertaking in most cases, the process can be a trying one. I’ll counsel you through the steps and handle the paperwork.

When you are dealing with challenging family legal concerns, a skilled attorney can help walk you through the process.

Contact an experienced family law attorney for a free consultation

The Stephanie Falk Law Firm in Bakersfield guides California clients through divorce, legal separation, child custody and other difficult family law concerns. To schedule a free consultation, call 661-324-4034 or contact me online.